8,000lb/3,632kg EN Rated Hydraulic Winch

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Unlock the full potential of your heavy-duty tasks with the NOVAWINCH HEN8000 8,000lb/3,632kg EN Rated Hydraulic Winch. Designed for power and reliability, these winches stand as a testament to engineering excellence, having conquered global market tests with their robust performance.

Benefits & Features:

  • Unmatched Safety: With our advanced multi-disc brakes, experience maximum stopping power for precise and safe operations.
  • Superior Strength: The HEN series is built to last, featuring a forged aluminium motor mounting plate, hardened planetary gears, and a carbon steel tie bar.
  • Dependable Reliability: Our smart hydraulic valve direction change system ensures consistent performance, even under a 125% rated load test.
  • Weatherproof Durability: Thanks to IP67 rated seals, your winch is protected against dust and water, ready to tackle any environment
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First Layer Line Pull 8000lb (3629kg)
First Layer Line Speed 27.9 fpm (8.5mpm)
Working Pressure Diff. 1885 (13MPa)
Oil flow supply 55 l/min
Gear Ratio 16:9:1
Wire Rope Diameter 3/8" (9.2mm)
Layer 4
Wire Rope Capacity 114.8ft (35m)
Layer of cable Rated line pull per layer (lbs/kg) Line Speed (fpm/mpm) Wire rope capacity per layer (ft/m)
1 8000 lbs 3629 kg 27.9 fpm 8.5 mpm 18.4’ ft 5.6 m
2 6748 lbs 3061 kg 33.1 fpm 10.1 mpm 46.3’ ft 14.1 m
3 5835 lbs 2647 kg 38.4 fpm 11.7 mpm 78.4’ ft 23.9 m
4 5140 lbs 2332 kg 43.3 fpm 13.2 mpm 114.8’ ft 35 m
Pneumatic Clutch
Air pressure range (bar) 1-8
Ventilation volume (L/min) 1
Net Weight (Without Wire Rope)
lb kg
108 49
1. Recommended oil flow supply range is 35-90 l/min
2. Independant oil supply system with relief valve is recommended.
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